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We want to purchase your old Carbon Brushes!
What are Carbon Brushes?

A carbon brush is a component used to conduct electrical current between the stationary and rotating parts of a motor. In a generator or motor, the commutator rotates on a shaft and the fixed carbon brush rides on it to permit the flow of electricity and complete a circuit.
What are they typically made of and how do I know they're worth anything?

That really depends on what type of carbon brush it is, there are a variety, but you can expect them to be made primarily with copper but silver, tin lead, graphite, zinc, nickel, tungsten, and iron are also used. The unfortunate thing about these is that many people throw them away or into their common recycling bin because they aren't aware of what they actually are and their worth.

The value flocculates of course depending on what type of metal the brush is made with, of course, and the market value. To make things easier, most come with specific stamps on them which will explain their origin. As with any other material we buy, Stark Recycling is focused on fair prices and satisfied clients. 
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