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More About Stark Recycling
In 1979, our company was founded in Dallas, TX and that's still where our main office is still located today. We have grown and adapted our business practices throughout the years while continuing to strive to be even better and just the absolute best company we can be. We also take a great amount of pride in serving our customers with the highest quality of service to meet their needs. 

When you do business with Stark Recycling, you will be doing business with people that you will get to know personally. You aren't just a number to us, we assign each and every account a principal and secondary representative. Both of these representatives will be knowledgeable as well as responsible for every facet of your specific business requirements. You will be able to contact them directly instead of dealing with someone who has no concept of your situation. We want you to feel comfortable with your decision to work with us. Stark Recycling also provides in-house refining which allows us to grant you some extra perks. It allows us pay top dollar for all precious metals, gold, silver, platinum, rhodium, and palladium too. 

We also take care of all shipping and handling costs. We handle all material with 100% HIPAA compliance. All information including all P.H.I (Protected Health Information) is protected and destroyed. All materials including silver, signature paper, etc are 100% recycled, protecting the environment and mitigating any and all future liability

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